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20 - 40

The Reason

The reason, the very large number of Alzheimer’s disease patients in Greece. About 160,000 Greeks and according to forecasts in 2050 this number will reach 354,000, while 400,000 caregivers provide daily care to people with dementia, with the most common form of Alzheimer’s disease, carrying a huge practical, financial and mental burden.

Desire, raising awareness, informing the public and strengthening research needs to tackle disease Alzheimer.

This album represents the voice and the look, the social sensitivity and the vigilance of all participants towards what can be considered as the “disease of the future”, towards Alzheimer’s Disease.

20 - 40

The Concept

The source of inspiration, a phrase.


The transition to the 20years of our lives. Preserving our memory, our identity, our image. The disorder of autobiographical memory, speech, perception of space. Pathological and biological processes begin several years before the onset of symptoms, while the disease – although rare – can occur before the age of 60.

40 being photographed. From different places: art – culture – education – sports – politics – economics. 20 men and 20 women. All born in 1980, at the age of exactly 40. Everyone holding a photo of themselves in their 20s.

20 photographers. Each one photographes one (1) man and one (1) woman. 40 portraits, 40 details.

20 + 40 = 60 participants together, in a game of numbers, to dig and challenge the memory, the signs from the past, the omens from the future.

40 phrases. One for each participant-photographed.
20 words each phrase. A single text. The voice of a timeless, asexual creature experiencing the first signs of disease. The moment the memory that borders our ego and identity is replaced by a dark, empty room, devoid of memories, faces, images, full of fear, anger or insecurity towards what is it that removes the connection with the self and the other one.

The text defines the order of the photos. The words come from the image, sometimes they “touch” the personality of the subject, sometimes they “use” him for the purpose of the narrative. The very flow of the text is what defines the alternation of the layout. People and image reinforce the speech that comes from within the patient and become a cry to all of us.

20 - 40

The photographers

Deep gratitude and a huge thank you to each of the 20 photographers, from Thessaloniki, Athens and Larissa, who also volunteered to participate, offering their experience and artistic look, each capturing in their own unique way the presence in time:

20 - 40

The Participants

Deep gratitude and a huge thank you to each of the 40 persons being photographed, from all areas of social action and presence, who without a second thought trusted us, devoted time and energy, but mainly became aware and wanted to participate in our project on a non-profit basis:

ALERTAS DIONISIS / Pastry Chef – Businessman / UMAMI LAB Athens https://www.facebook.com/umami.athens/
AMARANTIDI MARGARITA / Actress –Voice over Artist – Artist
GAKOS SOTIRIS / Poet – Teacher of Creative Writing
GOULIOTI STEFANIA / Actress https://stefaniagoulioti.gr
DARDAMANELIS GIANNIS / Mayor of Kalamaria Thessaloniki – Civil Engineer
DIMITROS LEFTERIS / Physical Education Teacher – Basketball Coach, Sport Scientist-M.Sc., Ph.D – Exercise Physiologist-Ph.D
EFTHYMIOU ANNA / Member of Parliament A ‘Thessaloniki – Lawyer specializing in Labor Law (https://www.annaefthymiou.gr)
KALOGIRA EIRINI / Dance Teacher – Choreographer
KARAGOUNI EFI / Architect – Designer – CoFounder of “My Greek Games” (https://mygreekgames.com/)
KOTSIS CHRISTOS STAVROS / Economist – Accountant – Administrator of FB group FestivalZO – Lover of Thessaloniki Film Festival
LALLAS AIMILIOS / Associate Professor of Dermatology, School of Medicine, AUTh – General Secretary of the International Dermoscopy Society – Founder and Owner of the Dermatological Unit of Thessaloniki DERMOMEDICA
MAVROPAIDI CHRISTINA / Architect – Artist (https://www.addmyview.com/)
BANAVA ATHINA / Illuminator Designer – Mechanical Engineer
NYFOUDIS NIKOS / Businessman – Former Member of Greek Parliament
OUGGAREZOS DIMITRIS / Journalist – TvPresenter
PAGONA STAVROULA / Lyricist – Author of Children’s Books (https://stavroulapagona.com/)
PALAVOS GIANNIS / Writer – Translator
PALAGA ELENA / Specialized Service Dog Trainer – Founder of Nina Service Dogs – Singer (http://www.ninaservicedogs.com/)
PANAGIOTOU EFTYCHIA / Poet – Publications Curator
PAPADOPOULOS LAZAROS / International Basketball Player – Founder of Athlenda (https://www.athlenda.com)
PAPACHRISTOU CHRISTOS / Artist – CoFounder of “My Greek Games” (https://mygreekgames.com/)
PAVLIDOU EVA / Poet – Founder and President of “Rafi tis Agapis” (https://www.facebook.com/torafitisagapis)
POUMPOURAS SAVVAS / Tv Presenter – Entertainer
POIMENIDOU ELENI / International Beach Handball Champion
RAFAIL MIKE – Multidisciplinary Designer
SERVOU FILIO / Musician – Singer
STOKAS THANOS / Tattoo Artist
TASTOGLOU NANCY / Digital Marketing Consultant
TSETSILAS ASTERIOS / Lyric – Opera Singer
VOYATZIS COSTAS – Creative Director/Founder of Yatzer.com https://www.yatzer.com/
FARDELLA MARIA / Interior Designer – Chief in Editor in exostispress.gr (http://www.exostispress.gr/)
FINOKALIOTIS DIMITRIOS / Lawyer, PhD Candidate, Member of the Board of the Thessaloniki Bar Association, the Association of Greek Publicists and the Association of German-speaking Lawyers of Northern Greece
CHATZIADAMIDIS STELIOS / Actor – Director – Writer

Don’t even remember why the words were lost, it all started with letters and pictures and then the unspoken water."

Don’t even remember why the words were lost, it all started with letters and pictures and then the unspoken water."

” Ούτε που θυμάμαι πια γιατί χαθήκανε οι όσες λέξεις, όλα άρχισαν με γράμματα και εικόνες και μετά τ’ αμίλητο νερό. “

20 - 40

Your contribution

Proceeds from the purchase of the album will be used for the research needs of the Panhellenic Federation of Alzheimer’s Disease and Congenital Disorders.

Contact us for order and info in triena.politismou@gmail.com